Friday, January 31, 2003

friday five
a little bit of housekeeping, or rather, random things that just can't be made to fit into any sort of unifying theme:

  • to view video clips on my page here, you need Windows Media Player, and this link should take you to a page that reads your operating system and browser, and tells you which download you need - but some MAC people still have problems (something needs to be tweeked, but I don't know what, sorry!)
  • Do people really designate certain clothes as "club" clothes?
  • If you advertise a $200.00 item as "jock worn", aren't we entitled to at least one pic of the alleged jock wearing the darn thing?
  • Can you guess what this gentleman got for Chritmas?
  • There's a beautiful photograph here, but I can't read what is says, can someone tell me?
  • machomen
  • Nippleplay.Com is back up (yeah!)
  • 2 men who asked for the VELCRO COCKRING, have emailed me that they have received it, and are working on their submission (yeah!)
  • My days at Cruisetool are numbered. The amount of "hey, aren't you that guy with the 70's porno rambling site" e-mails are far outnumbering the "hey, that's a nice mouth, mind if I try?" e-mails - oh well.