Friday, January 03, 2003

ugh. my clammy body spent a few more hours napping, and I got up to try some forkfuls of rice, the first morsels of food in 24 hours. Seems like it is some sort of flu - headache, stomach churning (plus other symptoms that won't be described here) - and I only hope I can feel good enough to work in the morning. I have gotten the post ready for tomorrow, the El Paso clip I mentioned previously, as a sort of belated 25th anniversary acknowledgment of that great film. It's a long clip, coming in at 9 minutes and 17mb's, but I couldn't honestly see cutting out the set up for the actual sex-scene, as I think part of Gage's brilliance lies in his set-ups, the moods he creates. Here, the older guy seducing the younger (or didn't the young guy actually seduce Halsted?), the danger of Dad/boss being just outside, etc. Some folks may wonder what the big deal is, once you see the clip, as it is a rather tame clip - primarily tight head shots of the 3 characters featured, not much in terms of cockshots and naked bodies (all 3 remain mostly clothed). But that's what I like about Gage, he seems to capture that non-bed variety of sex well - jerk-off clubs, blow jobs in cars, taking a break from your construction job to get your rocks off in a shed. Mmmmmm.