Sunday, January 12, 2003

I need help, advice on a few scattered things, so email your 2 cents, please. I wanna get a digital camera because as much as I love the look of film, i'd like the instant gratification of digital primarily for auctioning and webpage stuff. Is it possible to get a decent one for 100 bucks (stop laughing, I'm serious). I have swimgear and underwear and cockrings I wanna sell over the next 2 months, cant afford the film and developing, and only have credit at Circuit City (stop laughing). another thing. How do I convert .art files into j-pegs. It seems as though MAC folks can never see .art pics I send them (they seem to only come to me as imbedded images thru AOL mail). My version of photoshop can't even open these files. Oh, I was visiting a friend of mine to see his fancy new MAC, but when we looked at my Ed Wiley page, only ONE image appeared! What's with that? It most definately has two pics, as I checked again as soon as I got home. Okay, scattered thoughts over, must find that humorous porn clip for posting on Tuesday.