Tuesday, January 07, 2003


"Now you're talking like a fag." "What should I talk like, a Marine?"

director: Tom DeSimone (1975)
Starring: Keith Anthoni (his first film), Jayson MacBride, John Farrel, Dave Daniels, Tim Christy , Scott Heith, Paul Strand, and Bob Perry

Now don't start pulling your weiners out, this clip has no sex. But, it's a great example of what made me love the films from Hand In Hand - the bits about gay life that I wouldn't have had any other way of finding out about in 1979 when I first started going to the porno theatre. Keith's just been told by his lover that they shouldn't be monogomaous; not happy about it, Keith immediately makes a date with the waiter (Jayson MacBride - mispelled in this film as McBride) before leaving the lover at the table! Keith then enjoys sex with MacBride, men in a porno theatre, guys in personnel ads, etc., before his lover wishes he hadn't asked for the open relationship.