Friday, January 24, 2003

Erotikus - A History of the Gay Movie

"Monte added to his already growing popularity by giving his cock to the audience"

director: Tom DeSimone - (1975)

Documentary narrated by Fred Halsted (who's sometimes "off" reading skills are offset by his looks - great freakish long hair and big sideburns offset by a well-muscled bod), includes clips from early posing muscle-boys films, through the first commerical films featuring male nudity in the 60's to the hard-core films of the early/mid 70's. This clip shows a few moments of Apollo model Ed Fury, then a more loving look at AMG (Athletic Model Guild) model Monte Hansen. There's a lot more great stuff from this film, which I was lucky to be loaned a fuller version of recently (90 minutes, as opposed to my own 54-minute version - probably due to concerns over the use of popular music in some of the early 70's flicks like Confessions of a Male Groupie), but I think this gives a good perspective of where things were by the late 60's, and I'll have more, of course, coming soon!