Wednesday, January 29, 2003

"Whispers...your total suburban gay disco experience."

I got this cool email yesterday (or monday?) from someone who apparently moved to NYC about the same time as me, and remembers some of the same cool stuff about the neighborhood in the 80's. My tooth was yanked early yesterday, I'm real hazy, and the pain and fuzziness of the pain-killer alternate. But that line from Hapi Phace made me laugh so hard when the guy recalled it in his email, I had to share it. But it was really the way she said it - "Whispers" - so silly, so fun....

Meanwhile, this tooth-thang has slowed my pace of auctioning, but somehow, the drugs were strong enough to make me ignore the pain, but not too strong to prevent me from snapping a few pics of a Men On The Net.Com t-shirt I had acquired at this porno convention of sorts.