Saturday, January 25, 2003

OK, maybe for you guys with HUGE MONITORS (and I won't ask why you need them so big....) this guy's page works - but for me and my lil 15-incher (13.9 in real life - ain't that always the case) this is a real frames nightmare - click on "My nude pictures" and you'll know what I mean.

Speaking of nude pictures, how can someone say in their CRUISETOOL profile that he's into RAUNCH, then list under Turn-offs - "bad hygiene" - I mean, what the hell is raunch if not bad hygiene - or am I showing my naivete' again? Maybe it's a problem with these pre-formatted checklists, like muscles/muscle worship is one choice. Muscles are nice and all, but I gotta meet you before I know if I'm gonna worship you, and it usually has little to do with your muscles (ok, maybe with the muscle....) but you know what I mean.