Friday, January 24, 2003

tacky, tacky, tacky - posting two pics in the same outfit in the same week! But I just posted this Italian designer swimsuit on my favorite auction site, and earlier today got a compliment about my armpits (I had sent the gentleman a self-pic, and he emailed back something to the effect "if you blow that picture up 400%, your armpit appears lifesize on the computer monitor" - I think that's a compliment - he wasn't speaking hypothetically, was he?) Anyway, I'm trying to be careful, and not post pics on my favorite auction site that show how excited I get when I wear these swimming trunks that were so generously donated some months back - I mean, believe me, if I didn't get excited, you'd see this air-bulge, as the previous owner left perma-bulges in all the gear he sent, so I'm just trying to show the suits off to thier best advantage (and to get the most $$$$$, right?) But. alas, I haven't sold one yet for even 10 bucks, so I guess tha makes me a cheap eBay-Ho, doesn't it? (Did I mention the original pic is 762kb's? - huge - but not quite lifesize - that would be really tacky, no?)