Thursday, January 30, 2003

What The Big Boys Eat

director: Jim West ( 1985 )

The set-up for the film is the production of a TV commerical, or series of commericals, about a "hot stud" who does all sorts of butch things while eating his favorite breakfast cereal. After that I'm not too sure how each scene fits in. Like this one takes place at a trucker hotel. Paul Baressi is enjoying a dirty magazine when he hears noise in the next room, and discovers a little peep hole. He then proceeds to whack off while watching J. D. Slater get it on with mustached partner Judd. The sound quality isn't so good, but other than some music plus some decent grunts and groans, there's nothing much to listen to, just enjoy Slater pounding Judd, and Barresi in his tube socks.