Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Ok, we can all admit that most of the time that we go thru our lil lists of blogpages to read with our coffee, we just skim. And some of us with our own pages, knowing this, resort to linking to other bloggers, either in a good way, or in a tacky way, just to grab some attention. But just because I suspect skimming on the part of some readers, I'm not gonna resort to pointing out two men i love who both posted the same Jeff Stryker Poop You In The Popper post last week, or even give you a hint that both their names start with a "J" and end with an "O" - that would be sooooo tacky; as would pointing out how posting about Jeffy's foray into country music is just soooo 2002. You probably wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't tried, in vain, to click the above Paul Barresi pics hoping to get a video clip of one of our favorite st8 hairy daddy porn stars. But, seeing as I am still aching in the head while my tooth-hole heals, I still need some sort of readership attention, so here's the deal: I have a cool lil Paul Barresi jack-off clip (I think every scene of him in a gay porno film is a solo whack-off, with the except of his fucking that woman in L A Tool & Die, and his dildo-pounding of poor lil Chris Burn's butt in Men of the Midway) - but once again, I digress. Many of you know that I sell stuff on eBay, and while I am not asking you to actually buy something, today's "game" is if I get a mere 10 people to look at my auctions and email me a list of 3 items they saw for sale, then I post the Paul Barresi clip that the above stills are taken from. It's actually a kind a cool scene, as he is a trucker in a trucker hotel, alone, but hears the men in the next room making some noise, and he finds a peephole, and whacks it while watching the pair ( J D Slater, no slouch himself in the hairy dad and another gentleman) go at it in the next room. Of course, the scene itself is 20+ minutes, so I had to pick a 4-minute portion of it.

Got it? Check out my auctions on eBay, then e-mail me with 3 items I have up for sale, and if only10 of you nice folks do that, we all get to see a nice hairy man grab his stuff and stroke til he shoots - isn't that reasonable?