Tuesday, January 14, 2003

"... both in on-going, and transitory relationships known as tricking. Remember that word, it'll be on the quiz."

ahhhhh. Normally I'd give you a whole set-up to a clip, but basically you need to know it's 90% non-sex, and in my opinion, quite wonderful. There are a few moments of Jack Wrangler and Malo, but be warned, it's just to tease you, it's only a few moments.

But, I just spent 2 hours chatting with Bob Alvarez, in his apartment on the Upper West Side (which is why the vid-clip sorta fits). I'm very excited, and so I may not make a lot of sense, but here goes. A few weeks (2months?) back, I got an email from him, saying he had been told by a pal that a pic of himself and his lover, director Jack Deveau was on the web, and he should check it out. (Alvarez did all the editing for Deveau's great films, as well as some camera work, etc. - I also have one short that Alvarez directed). Anyway, the short(ish) verison is that he was pleased by my meager webpages, and we exchanged a few emails, culminating in his invite to meet him in his home, or as he put it "the scene of the crime" (many of their movies were filmed in and around their apartment, including Rough Trades and Sex Magic). When the email invite came in, and I was ecstatic. I know most people would want to meet pornstars, but I was giddy at the chance to meet someone behind the scenes, who created gay films at a time when only porn depicted our lives, but in such a fun, endearing, matter-of-fact, and yet still erotic way. I was nervous, like, um, I'm just some guy with a hobby, and this is some guy who is a professional, and what the hell do I ask him, etc??!! But some good advise from friends about relaxing, just taking the conversation where it goes, don't worry about notes, or pre-formed questions - this calmed me, as well as my sense that Alvarez was perhaps not only being generous with his time, but that he would also enjoy the chance to talk about his work, and that of his lover and the team at Hand In Hand Films, to a "fan".

Fast forward to me leaving his apartment a short while ago, huge smile on my face, and I get in the elevator, head buzzing with thoughts and ideas, having secured an invitation to come back, talk more, and let him know what I find out about a few things he asked about; then descend. The door opens up, I get out, and see all this construction going on in the building, renovations and painting and while I vaguely realize I'm not at the lobby, I immediately peer around corners, into open doors, and start imagining all sorts of sex scenes I'd want to film. (yes, I frequently have illusions ( or delisions) of being a pornfilm maker - ahhhh, if only!) But that's okay, the 2-hour chat was fantastic, and he seemed to have lots of questions for me, and YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! he wants to do a book, which was one of the few questions I knew I needed to ask. And he mentioned vague talks with the owner of Bijou Video about DVD's, and I tried to convey strongly that he really needs to pursue this, as there is a lot of interest out there, as well as the chance to have full, uncensored versions available, and perhaps additional tidbits. We talked about careful choice of music, careful editing of it and the film together, and how unfortunately music had to be changed when they came to release stuff on video, for fear of legal hassles. Director Peter de Rome may well still be around, but they haven't talked in about a year, so I hope he gets in contact with him soon, as those films have got to be releaed on DVD, too! Oh, and I asked actor Garry Hunt, and Alvarez's face lit up, and talked glowingly about how great he was (the lead in Ballet Down the Highway, as well as a few other porno films). And there's more, and I need to think;, and I'm already thinking about some sort of campaign to email/write Bijou Video to demonstrate the audience desire to get the Hand In Hand catalogue on DVD....... and more, and more....

and did I mention the man is HOT! Good thing I can be fairly disciplined about that sort of thing, knowing I don't want to risk the chance to get to know him better, and talk more about this stuff by some failed goofy flirting (and he mentioned a lover, so, well, he's taken!) He says he's currently a personal trainer, and I made some bad joke, trying to flex my skinny arms, asking if he ever does it for free. Yes, I'm rambling now, but what a pleasure! - to have this chance, and to feel so at ease, and enjoy myself, and I'm fairly sure he got a kick out of it, too. And he lent me a videotape I've been trying to find a fuller version than the one I had (he brought it up, I wasn't that tacky - but he obviously read my WISH LIST ) - so now he has to let me come back to return it! WOO-HOO!