Thursday, January 16, 2003

er, I guess this is cool

Scroll way down, last item in the *** Porn Information, News and Reviews *** category for ManNet's The Best of the Web 2002: Gay Erotica, and look what's listed as 2002: Best Redesign Candidate (good content, clumsy design). - Well, at first I thought, "HUH?" - but I suppose if you come in through the front door, so to speak, you don't really get a clear pic of what these pages are - most of you seem to arrive either through this blog, or from a google search looking for something specific. So, maybe I'll have to give this "redesign" notion some thought; but yeah, it's cool to be recognized for CONTENT (and yeah, go look through the list, it was great to see that Paul Barresi has a website now!