Sunday, January 05, 2003

Hmmmm. still not feeling great, but I think I'm feeling better. 3 days with no coffee, and barely any solid food (I got adventurous last night with saltines and apple juice, but the 3 am cranberry juice was probably a mistake). Thanks to the well-wishes of readers! (I've been awful about answering emails for a week now, I'll get to them someday, I promise.) I would love to stay home from work today, but can't. Besides, today is my weekly "lust after Eyebrow Man day", so it wouldn't be wise, emotionally, to go without seeing him, as disappointing as the outcome always is. I never bothered to write about last week's chats with him (2 on Sunday, 1 on Tuesday when I just happened to be walking by the restaurant), perhaps I needed to mull it over a bit, and perhaps I needed to keep it to myself and a couple close friends as I struggle with the "is slowly becoming just friends good enough? question. So, i hope i can simply enjoy a bit of attention from a nice man, and accept it for that today (if it happens, I shouldn't ASS-ume!). My stomach is really gurgling and growling right now, gotta run!