Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Ahhhhhh. My first cup of coffee in 5 days! Tastes good, but depending on how my body reacts, glad I have the day off of work. Speaking of work, as I approached the restaurant yesterday evening, I saw the white truck, quickened my pace, and as I got to the Avenue, Eyebrow Man comes out the side door. While I waited for the light to change, he clearly had seen me and waited on the corner, and we chatted for a few minutes. Nothing major, just chit-chat, mildly vaguely flirtateous (he said he'd teach me to drive when he gets his car........mmmm driving with a Truck Driver biker-wannabe, mmmmmmm; I reminded him of the invite to my place and that bottle of Hpnotiq I got for Xmas). It's going slow, but we seem to put lasting smiles on each other's faces, and that's really good. I think he's still "checking me out/ figuring me out" - like he asked "how's your friend?" - to which I didn't at first know what he was referring to, but he meant my pal who was visiting last week who he got introduced to (hey Mikey, he likes you!) Sunday's chat also had some silliness, like when he ordered a taco platter, and I asked "hard or soft shell?" - his response? "HARD, of cawse!" (Damn, I can eat that accent up!)

What's up for the day? Well, some bill paying, and money managing; laundry, and oh yeah, have a cool non-porno scene from a porno movie for y'all later. Those are my faves, of course; and it's from Hand In Hand Films, who did such great story-oriented films in the 70's, so I think you'll like this bit from Keith Anthoni's first film, Catching Up (1975). Oh yeah - the El Paso clip below comes down late tonight, so it's your last chance to view - enjoy!