Thursday, October 18, 2001

apologies in advance to anyone who may come down with a case of ANTHRAX, and god forbid, get sick and well, die from it. BUT, as we all know, it's getting a bit out of hand. Like, why is it that 2 SENATE offices have found "spores" in their offices, so the HOUSE of Representatives shuts down for 5 days? Not to mention that one of them, is the Democratic leader (Daschle) and the other (Feingold) is the only Senator who voted against the friggin' anti-terrorism bill. And abortion clinics getting Anthrax threats - um, does anyone really think the Taliban terrorists are offended that Americans are having abortions (and presumably, producing less evil Americans)? And yes, I realize that as I write this, it's spreading (the scare, at least) into more government and media offices (sorry, CBS, Governor Pataki).

PLEASE remember that if you start donning rubber gloves to open your mail, that most of these disposable rubber gloves are lined with a small amount of TALCUM powder, so please don't freak out later when you see that white powder on your hands and clothes!

The other day, waiting for my one-hour eyeglasses to get processed, I was standing on the corner of 5th Ave and 20th street, in my 12-year-old 4-prescriptions-ago glasses, and I heard a siren. Fire Engine speeding from the west, coming toward me, and guess what? NONE of the friggin' cars moved!!! Lights flashing, sirens roaring, and it was a good 2 minutes before these stupid 3 cars got out of the way, the fire truck blowing it's horn like mad. Me, across the street, in bad eyeglasses, could see that these cars had NO ONE in their way - no pedestrians crossing, the 5th avenue traffic was non-existant, and these idiots didn't move (probably in an anthrax-freak-out daze, unable to respond to the BIG RED NOISY TRUCK behind them!) And it happened again yesterday morning, on Ave B, some guy in a car actually cut off a fire truck that had its lights flashing and siren going!

So, millions of Americans take CIPRO, driving up the stock value of Bayer, or whoever makes it. Those Bin Laden folks sell off their stocks, having made more money they need for their evil-doing plans. Then they start sending off some run-of-the-mill scarey disease, or they don't even need to bother, because millions of Americans have by now developed antibiotic resistance. And did ya know that CIPRO is already in your food? Yup, looks like the stuff is fed to chickens.

okay.... next scare: Post Office is mailing a postcard to ALL AMERICANS on how to handle mail - who's gonna be the first one to send out some paranoid e-mail about DON'T TOUCH THE POST CARD FROM THE POST OFFICE!!!
ok, enuf, you didn't come here for a lecture, just porn, right? And yes, yesterday's feature Rough Trades was fantastic! But, alas, as happened in the opening sequence of Daddy Dearest, the closing sequence of Rough Trades had an aerial shot of Manhattan's skyline, with of course, a view of you-know-what ........ I guess there is no escape!