Tuesday, October 16, 2001

a good day....

got my HYPERBOY t-shirt in the mail today!!!!

learned (sorta) how to make CD labels (well, at least putting a pic on the disc, which is really enough) so I can give these Bjork live Radio City shows to a bar buddy tonight - and thanks for the CD LABELER, MT!!

oooh, had a "meeting" with a guy who makes/wholesales cockrings! Got a free sample - velcro - very lightweight, and much to my pleasnat surprise, it doesn't seem to yank on my pubes! We'll see if it can stand up to some serious, well, you know.... So, I put in an order for some, and he was a really nice guy (lots of stories from the "old days", but that was cool, too) is giving me a good deal, and might even put my web address on the labels so folks will remember who to contact for more cockrings - cool, eh?