Sunday, October 07, 2001

got a match?
of the several instant messages that were on my screen this morning, I only emailed one with an apology - "sorry I missed your message, but I fell asleep with the computer still on..." And, to my pleasant surprise, he emailed back (his original message complimented my AOL profile and pic)...... seeing he was online, I messaged him:

BjLand [12:10 PM]: hey man
RobDwntn [12:10 PM]: hey guy
BjLand [12:11 PM]: just getting dressed to meet up with a friend, but thought i'd say hi in "real time"
BjLand [12:11 PM]: like your stats/profile
RobDwntn [12:11 PM]: thank you . .wanna trade for another time?
BjLand [12:11 PM]: sure
RobDwntn [12:11 PM]: k
BjLand [12:13 PM]: wow.... (his pic is more adorable looking than his profile would let on....)
BjLand [12:13 PM]: i mean, nice
RobDwntn [12:13 PM]: thanks for trading, but its not a match for me . i loved the quote in your profile, tho

so, what's the f$%^&in' socially acceptable response to that???

(and yeah, he's the guy, based solely on his profile and messaged compliment that I imagined snuggling in bed with in the post below!)