Sunday, October 14, 2001

TOTALTOPMAN [9:28 PM]: Hi Again
BJland [9:28 PM]: hey man
TOTALTOPMAN[9:28 PM]: whats going on in NYC tonight
BJland [9:28 PM]: well, I cant speak for the whole town....
BJland [9:29 PM]: but i'm just goofing around, TV, thinking about pizza... the usual Sat night
TOTALTOPMAN [9:29 PM]: I love pizza
BJland [9:30 PM]: there's a good place near here - TWO BOOTS, nice thin crust...
BJland [9:31 PM]: so what's happening in NJ?
TOTALTOPMAN [9:31 PM]: yummy:-P
TOTALTOPMAN [9:32 PM]: Jersey Sucks as usual
BJland [9:32 PM]: awwww
BJland [9:32 PM]: (well i do, for the right guy...)
TOTALTOPMAN [9:32 PM]: Can I ask you a personal Question ?
BJland [9:33 PM]: what was the question?
TOTALTOPMAN [9:33 PM]: are you a masculine Guy ?
BJland [9:34 PM]: gee, i wouldnt know how to answer that, i'm just a guy
TOTALTOPMAN [9:36 PM]: Do you like masculine guys ?
BJland [9:37 PM]: sounds alright - but maybe i dont really know what you mean by that..
TOTALTOPMAN [9:37 PM]: can you bring me some thin crust pizza ?
BJland [9:37 PM]: bring you? i dont have the car, remember?
TOTALTOPMAN [9:37 PM]: guys who act like guys
BJland [9:37 PM]: well, i dont ACT, i just am.... so, i guess i'm not really getting it

and then he was gone..... maybe I need to be more direct? Like:
"Do you mean - do I squeal like a big girl when I get impossible-to-get Bjork secret-show tickets on-line?" -- FUCK YA!
"Do I get emotional after asking the Fireman with the puppy who needs a home how's he doing, and he mumbles 'nothing but funerals, rather not talk about it' ?" -- FUCK YA!
"Do I know all Tippie Hedron's lines from The Birds? " -- FUCK YA!
"Do I know how to make a guy's cock stand straight up with just some light flicks with my tongue just under his balls, and some heavy breathing on his cock head?" -- FUCK YA!
"Do I plan on having a guy over from Jersey who has just spent the last 2 days asking for pics of my hairy chest, my hairy crotch, my hairy ass, my hairy chest again, who has only managed to send me a pic of himself, face shielded by his baseball cap, standing in front of his corvette convertible, who thinks his big car makes him 'masculine' ?" --- HELL NO!