Monday, October 29, 2001

HrlmPipe [11:31 PM]: my balls aint hairy but the show is biigg
BJland [11:31 PM]: the show?
HrlmPipe [11:32 PM]: little southern venacular
HrlmPipe [11:32 PM]: sure are big....
BJland [11:33 PM]: oh
BJland [11:33 PM]: your balls are big? is that what that means?
HrlmPipe [11:33 PM]: yes
HrlmPipe [11:33 PM]: just thick and full just like my bodi
BJland [11:34 PM]: hehe
HrlmPipe [11:35 PM]: fully loaded to blow fucking afganistan off the face of the earth
BJland [11:35 PM]: ciao
HrlmPipe [11:35 PM]: peace

(I didn't feel like pointing out the irony of his goodbye...... but the "death to Afghanis" sure is a great pick-up line, I'll have to remember to use that one)