Thursday, October 25, 2001

inspired by Mr. Green, I went looking for some pics/video of the classic motorcycle cop, Clint Lockner. Perhaps best known for his role in Colt's Lockner's Key with the fantastic hairy uncut Bruno. You all know the story, of course: Bruno, sleeping in a jockstrap and torn t-shirt, (and of course rubbing his crotch while sleeping) is awoken by a knock at the door; it's motorcycle cop Lockner, who has discovered that Bruno inadvertantly left his keys in the doorway. Guess what? They have sex! At first, Bruno gets his hairy pecs rubbed down by Lockner's thick motorcycle gloves, but soon enough, Lockner undresses, revealing his own jockstrap, and lovely shiney double-metal cockring. Of course, during the whole scene, Bruno keeps his workboots on, and Lockner keeps his mirrored sunglasses on. Another fantastic scene is from Steve Scott's 1981 film Face to Face, a tale of a young man going on a road trip to find his favorite porn star, J.W. King, and on the way hitchhiking, gets picked up by our pal Clint Lockner. Scolding the young man for hitchhiking, he forces the kid to blow him; and in an unusual moment for a porn film, after they finish, the kid, still on his knees, spits out Lockner's spunk, to show his distaste for forced sex.

Of course, young Al Parker was no stranger to Motorcycle Cop fun, as he did several photospreads for Colt with that theme.