Tuesday, October 30, 2001

fuck oil!

so yeah, I'm one of 3 people who still thinks Jimmy Carter was right. dependence on petroleum has fucked us over again. And while "foreign Oil" is an obvious problem - oh yeah - FUCK SAUDI ARABIA!!! --- drilling in Alaska ain't the answer, either. Just stick a bunch of windmills in FUCKING Kansas and Iowa ferchrissakes. Make the fucking Sunshine State that gave us Pres Bush stick solar panels on all their roofs; Texas has the best potential to utilize both solor and wind power - just fucking do it! 2/3's of Iceland's energy comes from hydroelectric power, and they are ready to export the shit. Upstate New York is on the verge of allowing comsumers to simply check off a box on their electric bill to buy energy from wind and solar sources.

If we want to keep our lovely American lifestyle, why don't we use our fuckin' brains and figure out a way NOT to be dependent on rich assholes in "that part of the world" who screw over their own people and give fuel to the fire of freaks like Assammma Bin Salama or whoever our Enemy-du-Jour is. It's not the first time someone has tried to kill us... WTC part one was in 1993, remember? And the FBI? oh, busy figuring out who the last president was fucking, thanks guys, nice job. We'd rather send more troops off and risk lives than use our brains. GULF WAR, anyone? Yeah, nice long-lasting effects, the price of oil is steady, maybe even cheaper than it was in "real terms" than in 1979, and I can get in my car and drive anywhere I want, just send some more young folks off to the mideast, piss off some more people, get killed, and I still have my American freedoms to go to any drive-in fast food restaurant in the middle of the night and get Krispy Kreme or Wendy's. Nice. Real fuckin' nice.