Monday, October 01, 2001

He reached behind me, grabbing, then tugging, my balls. Holding them firmly in his hand, he pulled harder; you know, that moment just before it starts to really hurt - well he managed to keep it at that moment for about five minutes, as I writhed around, til he finally just pushed my head down. Once the metal ring hit my mouth, I was sure he was the same guy I'd "met" a few months back, barely able to get it half way down. As I shifted myself to get both his balls in my mouth, that seemed to really get him. When my face was firmly under/behind his balls, his moans boarded on embarassing - genuine, but porno-movie sounding. Most of my spunk landed in my boxers, but his went everywhere, with me trying to catch some of it on me.

I wound up having to stay until the lights went up, because my baseball cap somehow got lost back there. Believe me, you don't want to see what it looked like when I finally found it again (and no, I didn't wear it home, it's getting the boiling water treatment as I type this).