Friday, October 12, 2001

SEX; sunday, monday, wednesday

I guess sex 3 times in 4 days is pretty good, eh? Well, of course, it wasn't all good sex; Sunday was awful, Wednesday was forgettable, but Monday was really really nice. Let me try to sort this out.

Sunday Normally, I love public sex. For the obvious reasons, like watching, being watched, and even for the fact that if it's not going well, you can just walk away and not hurt anyone's feelings. But Sunday night was way too crowded, in that panicky "I don't know if I can breath" way. But I had already agreed to meet this guy there, and when I saw him, was suprised that he had gained "a few pounds" since I last saw him some years ago. Now, if you read my earlier account, you know that I left that night with my glasses broken, and had to walk my bike home, blind. See, this guy insisted I take my jacket off, and put it on this couch behind us, even though I knew it could get lost, sat on, fall to the sticky ground, etc. Then he took my shirt off. But once he started fucking my face, that's when it turned sour. You see, there's an art to fucking a face, and you need to be aware of your cock/belly ratio. If you have an average sized cock and average sized belly, then you ought to stand straight up, so as to give maximum access to your cock, without the belly getting in the way. If you have a bigger than average cock, and a smaller than average belly, then you have the luxury of thrusting your body forward, backward, sideways, whatever... your cock will adequately find its target, and your partner will take good care of you.

But, if you have a, um, er, smaller than average cock, and larger than average belly, it's key that you make sure you only use your hips to thrust forward, while leaning in a backward manner above the waist. And DO NOT lean forward, as your belly not only pushes into the face of your partner, but makes it extremely difficult to get your cock into your partner's mouth - again, the bigger the belly, smaller the cock, the more difficult this is. Add to that eyeglasses, and you can see why I had to take my glasses off!! So, struggling to secure my glasses into my jacket pocket, with this crowd moving and pushing all around me, I was fairly confident that I had gotten them into the pocket safely, buttoning the pocket up , so I continued. But then someone sat on the couch just behind me, and it made me concerned. Then my partner, who had insisted on putting my stuff on this couch, leans over and goes to sit on the couch. So, I went to grab my jacket from underneath him, and that's when I realized I couldn't find my glasses. So, in the dark and crowded room, I'm trying to find them. No one would move, despite saying directly into their ears, "please move, I lost my glasses" - not even the guys who were clearly "not involved" in any activity other than watching. Eventually I went up to the front, and the deejay got one of his boys to take a flashlight and assist me. We headed back there, with the flashlight on, and as crowded as it was, once the flashlight went on, they scattered like cockroaches! Back in the corner where I was, I found them quickly enough, all knarled, one lens popped out, and obviously quite useless. I went back to the front, saw my partner, who seemed perplexed that I wanted to leave, but then offered to walk me home. I was in no mood to be in the position of assuring him I was alright, so I just said, "gotta go, be alone" and dashed out of there.