Sunday, October 28, 2001

.....another exciting Sunday Night in the chatrooms

Wildguynyc [7:24 PM]: lookin for fun with 33 year old?
Bjland [7:25 PM]: didnt have that specific age in mind
Wildguynyc [7:25 PM]: hehe--u wanna see my pic?
Bjland [7:26 PM]: sure
Wildguynyc [7:27 PM]: k
Wildguynyc [7:27 PM]: sent
Bjland [7:28 PM]: you look familiar
Bjland [7:28 PM]: maybe we've done this b4
Wildguynyc [7:28 PM]: dunno--are u lookin to hook up?
Bjland [7:29 PM]: yeah, i could
Wildguynyc [7:30 PM]: u got x pic?
Bjland [7:30 PM]: sorry
Wildguynyc [7:30 PM]: do u wanna play?
Bjland[7:30 PM]: sorry, i cant decide that fast...
Wildguynyc [7:31 PM]: lol
Wildguynyc [7:32 PM]: u better hurry cuz someone just asked me to marry them
Bjland [7:32 PM]: alrighty, then, you have fun

OK, so maybe I lied about the X pic, I might have one or two somewhere in here (hehe, maybe I should've sent him the pic of Pepe) but I'm old-fashioned, I like some foreplay, ya know?