Thursday, October 11, 2001

Mickey Squires and Joe Paducah. Yup, selling porn again. If you have an eBay acccount, check out my adult auctions. Don't know a lot about Paducah, except that he did a lot of modeling for Zeus (well, and that's he's f*&kin' beautful!); Squires did modeling and some films for Colt and starred in such films as The Brig and a favorite of mine, Joe Gage's Red Ball Express.


SunNfunboy [11:40 PM]: hey man... how r u tonight?
BJland [11:41 PM]: doing alright, you?
SunNfunboy [11:41 PM]: not bad... horny tonight
BJland [11:43 PM]: seems to be going around...
SunNfunboy [11:43 PM]: yeah.... but most guys here in NYC are way to picky...
BJland [11:44 PM]: hmmm, in what way?
SunNfunboy [11:44 PM]: not good looking enough/too good looking/not fat enough...
BJland [11:45 PM]: you've gotten all that tonight?
SunNfunboy [11:46 PM]: yeah... I guess when they say they are horny... they mean you have to be mr right
BJland [11:46 PM]: well, horny shouldnt mean that you fuck just anything that moves!

(and then he was gone.... ooops, did i say something wrong?)