Friday, October 26, 2001

...... a brief break from porn............

Beware evil doers wherever you are! - Bush Signs Bipartisan Bill to Combat Terrorism - this alone makes me worry: Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, defended the measure, saying: ``I don't know anybody in this country who is afraid of their law enforcement people at this time. They are afraid of terrorism.''

some dare to disagree - Privacy is Just So Suspicious

Not directly related to this, but nonetheless some interesting thoughts from a Southern neighbor: "No one can deny that terrorism is today a dangerous and ethically indefensible phenomenon, which should be eradicated regardless of its deep origins, the economic and political factors that brought it to life. Who have profited? The extreme right, the most backward and right-wing forces, those in favour of crushing the growing world rebellion and sweeping away everything progressive that is still left on the planet. It was an enormous error, a huge injustice and a great crime, whomever they are who organized or are responsible for such action." - Fidel Castro, Sept 22, 2001.

Beware Chelsea Boys wherever you are! - Arrested Men's Shaved Bodies Drew Suspicion of the F.B.I.