Monday, October 08, 2001

baseball cap getting lost in the backroom is funny; losing glasses, finally finding them, squished and uni-lensed, walking home blind, is NOT

well, it was super-crowded last night, maybe it was the 3-day weekend, maybe it was the state of the world.... Having had only a few slurps from my beer, I pushed myself into the back, and found some rather fuzzy balls in my mouth. The guy above me says to someone "Are those mesh?" His new pal responds, "yes, and they were only 12 dollars!" "Really? Where did you get them?!!" Somehow, I lost the mood, and stood up, trying to push my way to another part of the densely packed room. Fuzzy-balls guy grabbed my shoulder, and thanked me. Should I have known then that the evening would only get worse?