Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Realizing that most of you don't come here to read my ramblings on art, war, greed, killing, pollution, and death....... lets go back to my carefree youth, back when I was 18, worried about Carter's plan for Registering for the Draft........ er, I mean, back when I was 18, and first went to a gay porn theatre - The Bijou - in Chicago. Was quite fascinating, sitting in the dark theatre, not realizing that sex would happen right there, in the theatre! And at one point, I went to the rest rooms, and found a stall, went inside, and saw no toilet, just a stool, a waste basket, and just when I was starting to gross out, I noticed the hole in the wall, and someone's hand directing me towards it......... (Casio-disco music starts) .. slowly approaching, the hand grabbed at my fly, and unzipped it, and the other hand reached in and.... oh, of course I ran out and went back to the movie, right?

I'm sure you'd rather see a movie clip than hear about all that, so, thanks to modern technology, you can see this lovely bit of streaming video (don't blame me for the quality, it's REAL PLAYER), a lovely film with a vague Halloweenish sound going on, Getting It.