Saturday, October 27, 2001

he was furry, very furry. He instant messaged me last night while I was playing Marbles and making dinner. For some reason, we really liked my pic, and invited himself over. I quickly looked at his profile and pics, and saw that he was indeed a fuzzyboy, all bearded and the furriest tummy. He wanted to snuggle up, as the weather here had gotten cold. Sounded good to me, despite his age - yeah, 19 is usually quite quite scarey to me - I'm not quite ready to think about the "Daddy" thing, but, being unemployed for 18 months now, I doubt anyone would seriously look at me as much of a Daddy, right?

He wasn't here for 10 seconds and his socks were off. These kids today, I swear. So he's down to his boxers and on the couch faster than I could offer him that can of Mountain Dew I've had in the fridge since New Year's when someone at the grocery store cruelly hid it inside the 6-pack of Ginger Ale. He accepted, of course (he's 19, he loves the shit!). I had just enough time to clean up after dinner, but of course, the TV was still on, since AMC has an all-weekend MONSTERFEST. Have you ever tried to make out with a horny kid with Madeline Kahn in the background? The poor guy kept thinking my giggling was because of him. Eventually, I wore him out; so we snuggled (the original plan) and watched TV.

Later, while the local PBS station was showing Ed Wood's Bride of the Monster, he got a second wind. Yikes! I'm ready for ice cream and some serious camp horror movies with Bela Lugosi, and this guy is grabbing at my ass. As I kept looking around him to see the screen, he got the idea, and made excuses to leave. Lingering at the door, I still had one eye on the TV (c'mon, the "the spine chilling battle with the rubber octopus" was on!!). He left, in a semi-huff, but shit, he's 19, I doubt he even remembers my name today.