Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Ah, so he had more stuff than I had expected (and all my cash is gone now!) And I got a freebie - a simple, slim black leather cockring, this one is velcro. The other rubber-velcro one's I've bought from him don't seem to sell, so looks like I'll be posting them on eBay below cost ( I can't post "modeled" pics there, but they don't do so well on NaughtyBids, either, even with the pics). But this new one looks cool - the feel, and more importantly to me - the AROMA of leather, but with the handy easy-off of velcro (not to mention the abilty to make it much smaller or bigger than the standard 3-snap might allow). Oh yeah, that's a pal of mine who volunteered a ways back to do some cockring modeling for me. I jumped in for one or two of the pics. Time to recruit a new model.