Sunday, October 06, 2002

The Wrong Jail

"It was a travesty and it was anachronistic, to be sitting here in what purported to be the office of a jail, with this young woman dressed as a police officer, and these others dressed in khaki pants and blouses, with the coronet-braided Dorina, and her sheriff's star, and all of them including himself subservient to the dictates of this magnificent, imposing redhead whose costume was what one might expect to find at a models' and artists' ball, or perhaps some secret cult of fetish-worship. Here, with the sun streaming in through the windows, on the single street of an unchartered little town, he, Brad Norton from New York City, was about to be tried and judged and sentenced for a crime he couldn't have known about.

For the crime of being a mere man."

This is the book I am currently reading - I like taking a paperback with me to work for downtime, and this one has plenty of laugh-out-loud lines; mostly these long, long descriptions of women and thier "widely-spaced upstanding, superbly round breasts," "resilent hemispheres of her bare quaking buttocks," and of course, "richly turbulent loveglobes." And every woman in this book has flaring nostrils. Is that something straight men look for?