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Thursday, October 24, 2002
I should be showering, but.....

just got back from bikeshop, and he was there, so the young kid who fixed my bike let the 30-yr old short-bearded cutie handle my money. While he was getting change from the cash register, I'm thinking "how do you flirt with a probably str8 guy, but you wanna find out if his is or isn't" and so i blurted out: "Oh, sorry for staring at your chest, but that's a really cool t-shirt" (black, with a white line drawing of a bike) and he got the cutest smile as he responded "thanks, 3 friends from San Francisco were in town for a bike run, and used my living room for 3 days..." and I filled in "..and gave you that shirt, cool!" Which made him laugh, and he added - "3 days New York rent for a t-shirt, hmmm" and as I was leaving out the door, i stammerred: "I'd do it!"