Monday, October 07, 2002

I'm not one to analyze my weekend, especially since up until recently, weekends merely meant more folks on the street and in my way. But now that I have a part-time out of the house job, with Fridays off, the weekend topic comes up more often. Friday was a relaxing day, with the usual feeble attempts at AOL hook-ups that go no where -

NycXXXXmm [12:06 PM]: hello
BJland [12:06 PM]: hey man
NycXXXXmm [12:07 PM]: what's going on?
BJland [12:07 PM]: coffee, laundry, morning stuff
NycXXXXmm[12:07 PM]: yeah where are u again?
BJland [12:08 PM]: lower east side
NycXXXXmm[12:08 PM]: ok home uws here work midtown
NycXXXXmm [12:09 PM]: we chatted last week
BJland [12:09 PM]: thought the screenname looked familiar
BJland [12:09 PM]: whatas the "mm" mean?
NycXXXXmm[12:10 PM]: had to add an extra m was originally for male
BJland [12:10 PM]: ah
NycXXXXmm[12:10 PM]: changed accounts lost screen name etc
NycXXXXmm[12:10 PM]: also very oral and love hairy men!
BJland [12:11 PM]: cool
NycXXXXmm [12:12 PM]: u looking to play?
BJland [12:13 PM]: gee, kinda far. and not sure what you mean by "discreet" - usually not me
NycXXXXmm [12:14 PM]: discreet meaning safe d/d
NycXXXXmm [12:14 PM]: neg here u?
BJland [12:14 PM]: that's DISCREET?
NycXXXXmm [12:15 PM]: maybe I should change it to selective
BJland [12:15 PM]: hmmm
BJland [12:15 PM]: anyway, i guess we woudldnt be a match, good luck
NycXXXXmm [12:15 PM]: too bad I thought we would

of course, late that night, seeing Andy's show was great. I am still absorbing it, actually. I know lots of other folks (blogger-types) have written glowing things about it, all with the GO SEE IT in caps and bold with lots of these - !!!!! - and while I whole-heartedly agree, I am having trouble coming up with more than the simple "it's fun, I laughed so hard my butt hurtz," and "I can't believe how well he captivated the audience" - so let me think some more and get back to that topic. His program had nice thank-you's in it, and an invite to join him and other friends for drinks afterwards, which I had initially fully intended to go. But after the show, I didn't feel up for standing around and sharing thoughts on the show - hope that doesn't sound awful, but despite having seen an earlier incarnation of the show a year ago, it still really grabbed me, and I needed time to absorb, have my own thoughts to myself for awhile. Wisely, I excused myself and told one person I'd meet up with them later, and took a 20-minute bike ride around the neighborhood. Was smart. The performance sank in some more, and I was feeling more social after that. Good thing - I had a great time, talking more to some folks I barely knew, and talking to a few folks who were new to me. And ANDY was as high as a kite - deservedly so (and figuratively, of course) - while he made it out to be more like "glad so many friends came" - I think he also knew what an excellent job he had done, how far his performance had come, and how much it grabbed the audience. So, drinks, flirtations, and by 4 am the last few of us finally left. Saturday's work was good, but having gotten only 4 or 5 hours sleep, I did NOTHING Saturday night, diddle around Sunday, worked Sunday night, and diddled a bit at home last night before passing out.