Wednesday, October 09, 2002

...... nodding off with a hand in bag of potato chips. Some delicious flavor of ice cream just before that. Taking a face pic when I got home, the computer froze (maybe i need plastic surgery, hehe). Bike ride home was good. Giggling men in dark corners, oh yeah, some guy YELLING across the room while sitting next to me and the man who's cock I was chomping on (we moved, I think his DNA is still on my chest as I type this). Earlier, alone in the dark corner, playing troll, some hairy belly was soon in my face. Soft warm fur, tasted good. Some Peaches song came on, ball-licking seemed appropriate at that moment. By the time the New Order tune was blasting, the rhythm of his thrusting into my face matched the vibrating walls. More interrruptions, of course, as this place was more for drunkards and gawkers, and another glass fell to the floor, and someone thought it wise to kick it. Safely not-kneeling, it still kinda wrecked the mood momentarily. Earlier, I ran into some pals who said the electroclash 2002 party tonight (wednesday) should be fun. Dunno about that, we'll see how I feel after work.