Saturday, October 19, 2002

Already enjoying my quiet Saturday night at home. Giraffes on public television, some take-home food from work. Been 10 days (last night's Tribute To Elvis Costello doesn't count) since I've been "out" (meaning gay bar/club/pornoplace/sexclub), but not missing it at the moment. Have that box of swimming gear to sort (and I'm starting to get the Speedo fetish, especially attempting to fill the big bulge permanently empressed in some of those slinky suits), and once I counted how many he sent, I was bowled over! (And one of those used leathercockrings stayed wrapped around my stuff all night, making for a nice wake-up this morning) I need to do some serious thinking about photographing them better - as the attempt from yesterday (using the webcam for a try-on session, then posting some stills below) is a bit fuzzy/murky. I love my bathroom on sunny days for photographing, but with the roommate, and limits on my budget for film, developing, etc., I'm a bit hesitant. But I have some ideas.... hehehe

Tried doing a hard look at my video collection, to weed out some stuff, but it's tougher than I thought to part with some of it. Like The Grease Monkeys; I figured Kip Noll's never been my type (that hair was bad even back then) - but watching yummy mustached Nick Rodgers, and the finale, with Queen's I'm In Love With My Car playing loudly (the story takes place in an auto repair shop, and Nick is always working on his hot rod), not to mention it being an older, Century Theatre and Video copy, I just couldn't do it. So, maybe I'll go through my paperback collection, and see what I can part with.