Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Have you any idea how difficult it is to get decent ass shots of a black speedo? These are the rejects (besides my own problems with them, like looking like I lost something in there, I'm sure it's a big eBay NO NO to touch yer butt while modeling clothing). But I am enjoying a low-key day off. Have a pretty cool Adam & Co. video to auction (Private Pool Party - Adam & Co. is out of business, which is too bad, they were probably the first to specialize in uncut men, and did a lot of multi-ethnic videos - black, white, hispanic - without fetishizing race (that was saved for the foreskin!) but Altomar has some of their catalogue, and has continued the uncut tradition. I'm pretty hesitant to sell, though, as it's one of their best; but I've just got too much porno, and even though it's the older, original label and all, it's not impossible to find, so I may post it today or tomorrow.