Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Cool day so far. Last night came home to two emails from guys offering to donate "gear" - one was for a few jockstraps (slurp!), the other was someone who mentioned swimsuits and jockstraps (double slurp) - both teased me with a bit of background, which of course is part of the fun of used clothing. The stories - real, made-up, or imagined, that we can associate with gear while wearing the stuff makes it a turn-on. A few years back, I got an email form an eBayer who said he had been following my underwear auctions, thought they were cool, and had been buying on eBay for about a year. But, alas, he was retiring from his teaching job, and realized he had this box of stuff that he really only got off on the idea of buying, and didn't do much once the item arrived, except read the bios, maybe jerk off to the enclosed pics. So, he wanted to donate this box of about 12 - jocks, briefs, and boxers. This was my first donation, and he sent the package with print-outs of the actual eBay auctions, and any correspondence from the dealer. There was a pair of Harrod's boxers, a very cool, comfy Duke jockstrap, etc. All he wanted in return was to get an email notification each time I posted one for auction, so he could see what I did with them - view the pics, and I usually related the story of where it originally came from (the seller) but not the buyer. Was really fun - I need to dig those pics up, eh?

Meanwhile, killing a little time here. Got several errands already done today - shipped off 8 porno packages, grocery shopping, banking, several cups of coffee, of course; and now I am just waiting for my cockring wholesaler to arrive. We've been out of touch, and he didn't seem quite prepared to have much of what I wanted - but he has enough, plus some new things he seemed anxious to tell me about (ooh, maybe a free sample, he does that sometimes) He's a bit quirky -- oops, there he is, gotta run!