Thursday, October 24, 2002

A Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact

The sexdate for today didn't materialize. I know better than to set something up 2-3 days ahead of time, but I went ahead anyway. Of course, I was out doing errands, including a well-deserved relaxing 30 minutes in the barber chair (I didn't ask for the shave, but those amazing Italian hands won't let me say no), and a stop at the bike shop to get my chain tightened (alas, the 30-yr old short-bearded cutie wasn't on duty - rats!), plus some organic cereal. Asleep yet? Anyway, the date was with the partnered guy I've mentioned before - 2 weeks ago, my last sexual experience with another human in the same room as me was with him, and was quite nice. It was our 3rd time, and yet as enjoyable as it was, I didn't feel needy, so I figured doing it again wouldn't be problematic for my often-emotional state of mind. Maybe he'll email later, and we can arrange another time. The Matmos Vague Terrain Recordings disc I got in the mail 2 weeks ago is fantastic, I must say. But I can't believe the hype that they only issued 311 copies, and 2 months after its release I was still able to get one from their website. But I wonder if listening to it daily has affected my sex drive. I've been too lazy to even spend 5 minutes in a chatroom, let alone leave the apartment and actually try to meet someone "live." I guess I know that a quick, but sweaty, whack-off alone is 99% of the time much better than the actual sexual contact I've been having in the past few months.