Monday, October 21, 2002

G'morning. Got way too caught up in the speedos yesterday, but it was fun. Used the videocam to capture me trying on several of them, but eventually I needed to, um, take a break. But when I got home from work, there were 2 bids on the 2nd suit, so that's very cool. My sorting through my gay paperbacks didn't yield much - either the titles or covers were too racey for eBay ( The Boy Eater or Punk Raped Cop ), or seemed too interesting (City of Men - "An icy glittering description of a beautiful American orphan who sells himself in a scarlet nightmare to secure the freedom and release of his imprisoned lover; a pretender to an Eastern throne.") Maybe a few magazines will have to do for today's postings. Beard coming in thick (love 'em thick!), coffee is hot and strong, and lots to do today before work. Speaking of beards, I was poking around various blogboypages last night, saw a page of little pictures that needed clicking to get bigger, and thought, "WOAH, who's the bearded hottie Panchesco is taking pics of??!!!" When I realized it was Mr Panchesco himself, I felt kinda dirty - afterall, he's one of my blogparents.