Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Garsh, why do I seem to get up earlier on my days off? Must be that I have a lot of errands to do, but stuff I enjoy. Post office for shipping porn (YEAH!!! you can't imagine how much I've missed that - even the postal clerks there keep asking - WHEN'S BUSINESS GONNA PICK UP? - how cool). It did feel great to send out those few invoices yesterday. My absolute favorite style cockring sold (the cock/ball divider, which I wear ALL the time, I highly recommend it), so I'm giving it one more day's wear before shipping. Have been in touch with my wholesaler - he lives in a trailer park in Jersey, no phone, so I have to snailmail him. His merchandise codes and prices have changed, so he sent me back some info so I can place a new order. He's a real nice older guy (older than me, even!), who loves to chat about the "old days" of having an adult toy store in NYC, so it's always a hoot when he comes with a delivery. What else, what else? Oh, going to BROOKLYN again this week, ELECTROCLASH 2002 comes thru town, and Chicks On Speed and Peaches perform, along with some lesser-known, but sure to be interesting acts on Friday. My pal actually dictated to me what to wear - this old Sigue Sigue Sputnik t-shirt I have lying around somewhere.