Sunday, October 13, 2002

Saturday was a rather uneventful day. After going to bed at 3, got up at 4 to have a theraflu. 9:30 made coffee, napped a bit more, went to work, had more theraflu. 2 pals stopped by work to say hi. Several other good-looking men came in, pretending to want food, and even going so far as to order and buy the stuff, but I knew what they really wanted (people often pay 8-15 bucks just to watch me stuff food in a bag and tell them "thanks, have a nice day" when they're not really hungry). Co-worker late again, so I'm at work an hour later than I'm supposed to be, barely make it home before this headcold thing turns me into a complete ogre. Spend the rest of the night in bed watching Lifetime Made-for-TV-movies (Heather Locklear with multiple personalities, one being a whore, something that must be in her standard contract). Now, up again for some hot Theraflu.

Men with experience in full-body massage welcome to come over before I head off to work again at 6pm.