Thursday, October 31, 2002

It's once again cum to my attention that there are misconceptions about what my preferences are for potential partners. The criteria, of course, is different for different types of partners, of course. Like we can probably all agree on the Glory-hole Dicks (meaty, big and bouncy) - nice cocks with no other redeeming qualities like good smile, personality, etc. - that just won't do for an in-the-house sexdate, let alone an actual date that requires conversation or actually looking at the guy's face. Glory-hole Dicks are the men who you could enjoy for no more than 12 minutes with, preferably with them staying on the other side of the plywood wall. But for me, the phyical characteristics of a real partner, someone you date and might actually fall for, are much broader. While it's true that I prefer body and/or facial hair, and that the 3 men I've had lengthy relationships with (8, 6, 2ish yrs) had a good dose of body hair, and the latter 2 facial hair, my preference on the bodyhair thing is really more that it's "natural." The shaved/trimmed crotch just doesn't work for an oral guy like me, as I refuse to keep applying chapstick while having sex. Which means that if you're shaved/trimmed pubes rub my face/mouth raw, we will spend much less time having sex, and that wouldn't be good for either of us, now would it?

More seriously, it's the face. We all say it, I suppose, but the eyes, the expressive eyebrows, the face that you look at and think - "damn! he'll look good when we're in our 70's" - that happened within days of meeting the 3 guys mentioned above, and several others I have known (like the heart-breaker from the spring, grrrr!). Age. Yes, I lean towards over 35, but again, that's so general, and it depends. Like if you are just visiting NYC, and will be leaving in 2 days and I'll never hear form or see you again, who the fuck cares, as long as it's legal (well, okay, maybe you still need to be over 25....). But if we are talking relationship, then yeah, the preference is the closer in age we are, I assume, rightly or wrongly, that we may have more in common. That you've gone through enough in life to have kinda figured out what's important, what isn't; and the less significant common experiences like loss of loved ones, having several relationships under your belt (so to speak) so you (hopefully) have learned from them, ability to communicate needs and desires (and knowing the difference between them), etc. But I've met plenty of 40 yr olds who havent a clue, and a few 30 year olds that seem quite compatible. But back to the sex-only relationships, here's one of the on-line sex-ads I have listed, just to give you an example if you ever come to new york and need some.... oh wait, I don't really mean that...

very oral, prefer affectionate men

Age: 41 Height: 5'8" Weight: 140
Facial Hair: Beard, Goatee Body Hair: All over!

hot oral sex - Hairy guy here, prefer other guys with natural body hair, but looking for good playful chemistry over specific types. Always like to see a good face pic before meeting, thanks.

Turn Ons: Kissing, Oral sex
Other Turn Ons: affection, working up a sweat together, men who can laugh and enjoy sex simultaneously.
Turn Offs: NO FACE PIC. (I do like to come up for air every once in awhile, so a face I dig helps)