Tuesday, October 22, 2002


Casey wanted love and fulfillment. But what did he get? Casey got cock.

director: Donald Crane (1971)

Starring: Casey Donovan (listed as Ken Donovan), Angelo Waine, Nat Grey, and Sparrow Guano as "the crotch" (we only get to see him from the waist down til near the end of the film). Before there was Boys In The Band, there was Casey; not anywhere near as successful, but it's Casey Donovan's first film, and it's after this film that he settled on his stage name, Casey Donovan. In it he plays a regular guy just looking for love, and with the help of his fairy-godmother in the mirror (yup, WANDA, played by Casey himself!), he eventually finds him in handsome Nat Grey, who has taken a vow of silence until the Vietnam War is over. Great scene with Casey and the delivery boy in the kitchen, as well as a 4-man orgy scene.