Wednesday, October 02, 2002

The Back Row

"Sit back; watch your life go by"

Director: Doug Richards (aka Jerry Douglas) (1972)

George Payne (in his first film) spots Casey Donovan (in his 3rd gay porno film) at New York's Port Authority bus terminal, follows him down into the subway, and eventually into an adult movie theatre. George is painfully shy, and reticent, but Casey has no trouble getting it on with several of his fellow patrons. The sloppy, cummy scene in the Men's Room near the end is great, and you know it wasn't duplicated properly in the 2001 Chi Chi LaRue remake ("facials", maybe; cum-gobbling, no). Music composed and conducted by William R. Cox. (the theme song from this film is very similar to Everybody's Talkin', from Midnight Cowboy. Starring: Casey Donovan, George Payne, Robin Anderson, David Knox, Warren Carlton, Chris Villette, Arthur Graham and Robert Tristan.