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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
eat my bandwidth!
Ok, so yesterday I was a little down (hungover, "uneventful" night at the Cock's backroom); I should've been happier once I learned I have 25 GB's/month now from Dreamhost (mmmmmmmmm, so much porn, so little time). So, I've got 7 days to burn 16GB's of bandwidth, hope y'all are ready for some more Bjork and lots o' porn!! Woke up real early, put some coffee on, and enjoyed the rising sun's warmth on my face as I sat and read a bit from The Erotic World of Peter de Rome (his autobigraphy). Can you imagine having your first sexual experiences in the late 1930's, and then making a handful of fantastic porno films in the 70's??? So cool. Anyways, it's my day off, but have tones to do, but hope to have a Bjork video up later, and maybe I'll try to dig up that Bruno "audition" shower scene I have buried somewhere in this pornhole I live in...........