Friday, October 04, 2002


"What you're about to see is not really a story, it's more like a family album - of a sex club that used to meet on 42nd street."

I don't normally post a pornoclip with a warning - but as the name implies, Christopher Rage's Sleaze is just that. So you might want to close your office door, and keep the volume to a respectable level. I'm not a fan of his work, quite honestly, but this video is good, (and the trailer is FANTASTIC!) and one of the few (if not only one) that he did on film. But, I do know that he's been an inspiration for many experimental gay porn videomakers, and certainly someone who's work you should seek out if you are into really nasty (some is REALLY nasty!), hardcore stuff. I do give him credit for having some cool ideas, and the balls to try them out; I'm just not too keen on his execution. But he's had quite a career, from the early 70's working with Jack Deveau, and the gang at Hand In Hand Films, helping others like Roy Garrett get into the business, plus his own work (directing, editing, advertising, soundtrack, acting, etc). Check out this semi-comprehensive list of his work. Sleaze is about a group of men who meet in an abandoned building on 42nd St for sex; fairly straight-forward, eh? Starring: Casey Donovan, Daniel Holt, Scorpio, Chris Rage, Jed Black, Joe Ryder, David Stoner. Cinematography and editing credits shared by Rage and Arch Brown.

note to HOT MAN IN S/W who said "yes, please" to the Joe Dallesandro clip: my VCR went on the fritz this morning, so it may be a few days - my apologies.