Friday, November 30, 2001

tuesday's date
do I start with the "he's a nice guy, but" routine? or just the facts? ok, let's try a factual account: He gets here around 10:50 (not that I was watching the clock or anything..) and has a bag with 2 beers, which is cool, cuz I'm not (usually) big on drinking alot with a stranger, especially on a sexdate ( I prefer drinking to excess in a public place, where I can yell obnoxious things at pals randomly, but I digress..). Still looking handsome, and still very tall, very shaved-headed. I get on my tiptoes to kiss him, we do the beer thing, sit on the couch, and start to talk about nothing in particular (AOL chatrooms, computer games, the funny coincidence that I saw the "forceable massage" Seinfeld episode only hours earlier, and this guy is a masseuse (messieur? massage guy? whatever)). Soon some light touching, occasional kissing peppered in the conversation, nice and slow, feeling rather natural and relaxed.

Kissing gets heavier, and although he mentioned he doesn't do massages on "tricks" his hands are firm, and strong, and kneading various parts of my appreciative body. It's all very affectionate, just what I've been missing, and yearning for. And smiles; he has a great face, and it was nice to stop, and just look, grin just a bit, see his grin widen as he eyes my face, grabs, pulls, and strokes my body..... At some point I am naked, totally naked, and he still has his clothes on; I pull his shirt off, feeling a bit exposed; we slobber on each other's body parts, but in a slow, caressing manner, not forced, not in a hurry. Several times he said really sweet things about me, or a body part, that he liked. But somehow, even after stuffing his thick thing down my face for awhile (balls were way too big for my mouth, which normally would be swallowing them), neither of us stayed hard for very long at all.....

We continued for quite awhile, over 2 hours, in fact, of carressing, kissing, slurping, even snuggling. It almost had the feel of being boyfriends who no longer had the need to impress, get the job done, but actually of just enjoying the touching, the grabbing, the smooching...... eventually, without saying anything explicit, we both sort of stopped the heavy petting, etc, and began to talk a bit, again about nothing in particular, just conversation, and when we realized it was after 1:30 a.m., he said he ought to go. I didn't offer for him to stay, not out of the fear of rejection, but more in the needing/wanting time to myself before bed; as he dressed, he said he had fun "playing" - gosh, i hate that word, I know i'm an idiot who's hung up too often on language, but it just makes me think of kids games, and goddamn! this is serious stuff! (hehe) - and as we stood by the door, a few more kisses, he said he'd like to do it again, I nodded in agreement, but already knew that I wouldn't. I can't explain why, other than I just wasn't "grabbed" by him, although i liked him, and liked our evening together. Just nothing made me want to do it, or something like it, again. So, I shut the door, pop the popcorn in the microwave, spoon out some ice cream, and head for the TV, and a game of MARBLES on the computer.