Saturday, November 24, 2001

that's okay, honey, I'll make the coffee

that's what I said to my imaginery boyfriend a few minutes ago, as I got up to make coffee. I'll probably crawl back into bed with him soon, it's very cold in the apartment, and the heat isn't on. It's a rainy day, which is cool, cuz I hope to straighten up around here, ship out some porn, list some more porn on eBay, maybe even dive into the "personal" video tapes and make some still shots to post on the "audition" page - I think there are 2 guys I haven't yet revealed to the world. And I also want to work on this movie trailer clip I have, that I've uploaded to my site, but from the 2 folks who've tested it for me, it takes nearly 2 hours to download (they have dial-up connections) and the trailer is less than 2 minutes! - anyone out there have any ideas how I can speed that up? It's an "avi" file - is there something I can do?

Sigur Ros disc just started, so time for more coffee, and getting under the covers........