Thursday, November 01, 2001


while it's generally considered tacky to talk about how many "hits" your webpages get (but maybe that's just me...) I did notice something pretty cool this month. Yup, I reached my highest number of hits on several of my pornology pages, most notably my Joe Gage page. What's cool, for me anyway, is that at least a 1/3 came form search engines like Google. In fact (yes, this is, I guess, bragging) if you type in Joe Gage in the Google search engine, 2 of my Gage pages come up first! Very cool. I mean, it's because Google does favor content (and probably something to do with yahoo/geocities owning them, no doubt!) over mere advertising sites, but I do try to put some effort into it, and it's very cool to see that folks are looking.

Of course, it needs some updating. Gage finally got back into making porn, and released Tulsa County Line last month; I haven't seen it, partly for financial reasons, but more so, because I worry about being disappointed - I mean, most of the "actors" are these shaved-crotch boys, and it was made on video which just doesn't give the same warmth as film (what? porn can't be warm?). But, it does star one of my fave current pornstars, Jason Branch. I'd link his webpage, but it seems to not be working, probably because it was a joint effort with himself and Blake Harper but they recently broke up (yeah, my pal Jeff has dibs on Blake, and I'm ready, mouth wide open, for Mr Branch), designed by Corky, who is no doubt working on designing separate websites for the handsome boys. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Joe Gage. Also, I got an email from a handsome west coaster who mentioned he didn't care for the boxcover art of Red Ball Express which means I need to get working on my pages comparing original versus current porn boxcovers, like I did for Dreamer. Cream of the Crop re-released a lot of "classic" porn videos in the past 2 years, and they do a horrible job. Like in Red Ball Express they list the star, Mickey Squires, as Mickey Squirts - and while he does a bit of squirting, especially in the final orgy scene with handsome Jayson MacBride, it's just not his name, alright!

.........geez, enough coffee yet? oh shit, was supposed to meet a pal at 12:30!!