Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Don't know if this qualifies, 'cuz I love it, and I luv what it reminds me of; but I'm sure enough of you prefer the original ........ I hope none of you think A Whiter Shade Of Pale is an Annie Lennox song; naw, we need to go back, way back..... (oops, sorry, wrong reference)...anyway, it was a Procol Harum song, but you knew that. I know it better as the theme song from William Higgins' classic The Boys of Venice, performed by Munich Machine. Yup, another one of those porno theatre memories. While you listen, picture blonde long-haired skinny guys on the boardwalk of Venice, California, and Eric Ryan on roller skates (skates, not blades - it's 1981), bumping into Derrick Stanton, knocking him over and injuring him. So they hobble over to Derrick's new apartment, and have a look at the injured leg. Eric decides that a massage is in order, and guess what? Disco music starts playing, and they have sex in the bathroom, all the while the skates are on.

This was Higgins' first big hit, and many of his later films had "original" songs like Brothers Should Do It , Members Only, and of course, These Bases Are Loaded. This one is another of those "wish I could figure out who all the songs are by" porno videos - but, alas, most of my pals wouldn't be able to help me (either not old enough, or not into disco). And the disco dance-floor fantasy scene at the end with Kip Noll and Emanuelle Bravos is soooooooooooo much fun!

I made an avi file of part of it, but it's like 10MB's, so I couldn't figure out how to post it properly (but I can always email it to interested nice boys). Anyone who has a copy of the video and can let me know the other songs, it would be greatly appreciated. (Or some sort of arrangement with me sending you a copy...) Especially the one that's playing when Kip and Emanuelle meet on the dance floor, it's fantastic!